Growing Earth Theory
Neal Adams

An overview by PonderingConfusion

Pros – Without a doubt, the video imagery produced by Neal Adams is an invaluable tool in helping the new student to grasp the obvious revelation of an expanding earth. His visual evidence is irrefutable  and the inclusion of other planetary evidence is supportive in many ways.

Cons However compelling his imagery is, it completely misrepresents the fluid dynamics of an expanding earth. Modeling the earth with consistent oceans that nicely maintain today’s shorelines throughout the expansion process is just too convenient.  Any serious student of geophysics quickly identifies this flaw in his imagery.

Mr. Adams argues that slow continued silicate formation at the planetary core results in an expanding planet. If the equation E=mc2 gives the bang of an atomic explosion, wouldn’t E/c2=m give us newly created matter?  If possible, would the creation of this new matter be silicate or something simpler like hydrogen; and would the process happen slowly?

On the contrary, any survivor of an E=mc2 event, a tsunami, an earthquake, or any earth changing event, would agree that nature usually responds in both a sudden and catastrophic manor. Both issues addressed and answered by The Fluid Dynamics of Whole Earth Decompression Theory, David W Freed MLS(ASCP)cm January 1st, 2011


Constant silicate growth at the core of planets force planetary expansion over time. Evidence is easily seen with the naked eye in the imagery of modeling an expanding earth, and is also seen on other planetoids of our solar system.

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