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Expanding Earth

Expanding Earth


Whole-Earth Decompression Dynamics
J. Marvin Herndon PhD
Growing Earth Theory
Neal Adams
The Fluid Dynamics of Whole Earth Decompression Theory
David Freed MLS (ASCP)cm
The Biological Implications of the Planetoid Pangea Model
David Freed MLS (ASCP)cm
The Biblical Implications of the Planetoid Pangea Model
David Freed MLS (ASCP)cm
The Prediluvian Biblical Culture of the Planetoid Pangea Model
David Freed MLS (ASCP)cm
The Tower of Babel and the Planetoid Pangea Model
Expanding Earth Theory
and Noah

Other Interests

Diabetes, Sugar, and the Unhealthy Consquence of a Free Market
Who Ordained Orthodox
The Vaccine Controversy
Flouride and Our Drinking Water

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J. Marvin Herndon Videos
Neal Adams Videos

This Fellowship... an expansion of a community based 'Bible Study' and is intended as an open forum in which to Ponder the issues that Confuse our realities. We crave intelligent academic discussion of our cosmology and theology. Input is invited from as many different voices as possible, including those of Islam, Israel, Rome, Reformers, New Agers, Evolutionist, Chemist, Physicist, and people just like you and me.

We all have something to say and here is a forum to say it!

The educational system has schooled us well in the sciences that govern our lives, but it has also raised questions that are inappropriate to ask in “church.” Likewise, theological questions have become outlawed in school.
Where can these questions be asked and discussed? Right here, that’s where!

The intent is to invite a discussion of science and theology, cosmology, psychology, and ultimately spirituality. New and relevant input, from an amalgam of perspectives, will become additions to the whole body of work evolving our collective understanding ever closer to the central truth.

Why? Because spirituality is the only intelligent life goal of mortality!

From 2006 to 2018 we have had visitors.

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